Experience The Difference

  • Solidifi operates a technology-based marketplace where appraisers compete for business based on their performance.
  • Approach allows Solidifi to operate on a dramatically lower cost structure than traditional AMC’s.
  • Lender fees stay the same. Competent appraiser receives a higher percentage of the fee resulting in better outcomes.

Experience The Difference

Every Lender is unique … it only makes sense that you should be able to outsource your appraisal process and work with professional appraisers as you define it.

Welcome to Solidifi – the next generation of appraisal management.

Solidifi offers Lenders the choice of using Solidifi’s elite national panel through PerforMAX™ or exclusively using their existing trusted Appraiser network through Smartflex™, or a combination of both. We ensure all Appraisers maintain specific qualifications, designations, insurance and licenses. Our proactive service management and end-to-end quality control process will also ensure you are delivered a high quality appraisal that meets industry regulations and Lender guidelines.

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Appraisers Compete Locally

Solidifi’s core strength is our elite network of Solidifi PerforMAX™ appraisers across the country. We support this network with a dedicated team of technology specialists and our proprietary leading-edge SaaS-based platform, ensuring we give our appraisers the tools to produce the highest quality work. In fact, each appraiser is benchmarked against dozens of metrics to ensure strong performance, quality, expertise and customer service. We know exactly which appraiser is best suited for a given assignment and each of our appraisers competes for business based on their performance. It’s a key differentiator for us; and a key competitive advantage for you the lender.

Scored on Performance

The Solidifi PerforMAX™ appraiser network is comprised of the most competent appraisers in the business. They raise the bar in terms of service, quality and professionalism. We know this because we track their performance. Our regional appraiser partner managers personally assess each appraiser in their market on an ongoing basis to ensure a high level of effectiveness on all levels. The Solidifi Appraiser Real Time Scorecard clearly outlines how an appraiser is performing compared to the top 25% of appraisers in their region. They receive regular feedback and know exactly where they rank. The better they score, the more work they receive. It’s a winning strategy to drive continual improvement and best practices. And it’s an integral part of our commitment to clients.

Appraiser Scorecard

Regional Assignment Analytics

Solidifi views each of our PerforMAX™ appraiser relationships as a strategic partnership. To become a PerforMAX™ Appraiser one must have expertise in a given geographic region with strong subject property knowledge. Each PerforMAX™ appraiser then goes through a rigorous 3 month probationary period, where their Regional Appraisal Partner Manager, works with them, one-on-one, measuring their performance, providing feedback along the way to determine if the appraiser will earn more work or be dismissed from the network.

Through the Solidifi PerforMAX™ model and a focus on continuing to strengthen our partnerships with appraisers we ensure appraiser loyalty to Solidifi is the highest in the industry. This loyalty creates a unique value proposition for lender customers – the best local appraisers, the right technology, noticeably higher quality.

Assignment Screen

Regulatory Compliance Leaders

With all the regulatory changes focused on improving the appraisal process, compliance is a top priority for lenders—as it should be. It’s certainly a critical focus for Solidifi. Taking a proactive approach, Solidifi is compliant with all Provincial and Federal laws as well as appraisal guidelines and OFSI requirements. Our proprietary form technology ensures our reports exceed lenders’ risk management requirements and our relationships with the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) and the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (CNAREA) ensure that we are the trusted leaders in Appraisal Management.

Assures Best Results

Solidifi PerforMAX™ is all about accountability and quality. Our unique model results in lower revision rates, faster turn-times and higher quality reports. This allows our clients to make incredibly smart lending decisions. This model is further enhanced by Solidifi’s quality assurance program, which reviews 100% of files. Our appraiser reviewers are all certified appraisers with an average 20-plus years’ experience. They know what to look for and they are focused on producing the highest quality appraisals. We also offer optional appraisal warranty coverage.

Assures Best Results

Solidifi Smartflex$trade;

  • Customized service and lender specific panel.
  • Solidifi provides services and technology to manage appraisal fulfillment for lender.
  • “Cost Plus”