Property values continue to rise in Port Coquitlam

Vancouver, BC

“The overall Metro Vancouver market recorded 3,345 sales in September 2015 which was a 14.5% increase over sales recorded in September 2014. The September 2015 sales number was also 32.9% above the 10-year sales average for the Metro Vancouver market. Looking at the Port Coquitlam market specifically, market trends have increased across the board for all types of housing types with the largest percentage increase reflected in the detached housing market followed by apartment and townhouse properties. Year over year the median sale price for a detached home in Port Coquitlam rose 18% to $695,100 in September 2015 vs. $587,800 in September 2014. Meanwhile the median sale price for apartment units rose 7.3% from $226,000 to $242,600 while the median sale price for townhouses was 6.4% higher from $381,100 to $405,800.”

John Volpe, Port Coquitlam, BC - Solidifi EXTRAORDINARY APPRAISER